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Ayia Napa Marina
Ayia Napa Marina

Why Visit


Fully compliant with EU laws and regulations, Cyprus’s simple and transparent tax system is one of the most attractive in Europe.

Strategically located in the eastern Mediterranean at the crossroads of three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa – Cyprus is a safe haven blessed with beautiful nature, year-round sunshine, modern infrastructure, a high standard of living and a culture of genuine warmth and hospitality.


Ayia Napa Marina

Situated on the southeastern coast of Cyprus among incredibly beautiful beaches, Ayia Napa Marina is the new premier yachting destination and an ideal social and meeting point. Easily accessible from the island’s major highways and just 30 minutes’ drive from Larnaca International Airport, Ayia Napa Marina offers everything one needs to relax; luxury residences, state-of-the art berthing facilities, high level of service, a scenic waterfront, fine dining and shopping, security, a clean and ecofriendly environment, all in a distinctly modern yet sophisticated setting.


Citizenship Incentive

In an effort to encourage foreign investment, the Government of Cyprushas introduced new attractive legislation for granting the Cypriot citizenship to foreign investors if they fulfill certain criteria (i.e. bank deposits, direct investments, etc). The level of investment can be as low as €2.5 million*. Approvals are granted within 3-4 months of application. Residence owners at Ayia Napa Marina who are eligible for the Cyprus citizenship incentive, will gain the right to live, work, travel and invest anywhere within the 28 EU member states. Citizenship is also granted to the investor’s spouse, children under the age of 18 as well as adult dependent children up to 28 years old.


We are

Born of a deep-rooted love for the island of Cyprus

and spurred on by an evident gap in the region for an integrated modern luxury marina development, Ayia Napa Marina is the realization of the dream and vision of the project’s partners Cypriot entrepreneur Gerasimos Caramondanis and Egyptian investor Naguib Sawiris.

Both genuine leaders in their respective fields and with over 80 years of combined experience between them,

the two family-run businesses have joined forces to implement a longterm strategic plan aiming to set a new standard for luxury seafront marina living and become the first choice destination for boaters, residents and guests.

Gerasimos Caramondanis and Naguib Sawiris share the vision of making Ayia Napa Marina the new premier living and yachting destination in the Mediterranean.

Gerasimos Caramondanis

“Cyprus is blessed with year-round sunshine and Ayia Napa is blessed with incredible beaches and crystal blue waters. What is missing is an integrated modern luxury marina development. Our vision is to make Ayia Napa Marina the premier living and yachting destination in the Mediterranean by offering world-class berthing facilities while setting a new standard in modern seafront living.”

Naguib Sawiris

“The marina has been designed with luxury and exclusivity in mind. In addition to the amazing beachfront, Ayia Napa Marina will offer exclusive restaurants and cafes, high end shops, and the most vibrant and stylish nightlife in all of Cyprus. We also want to offer only the best to boat owners, both in terms of facilities and services. We aim to be the first choice destination for boaters, residents and guests.”


No VAT will be charged on properties purchased in Ayia Napa Marina. Normally, 5% VAT is imposed on new build properties acquired for the 1st time and 19% on any additional property.


A scheme for a Permanent Residence Permit has been introduced for non-Cypriot investors who purchase property of a minimum value of €300,000 and have an annual income regularly transferred from abroad.