The under water world of the Ayia Napa area

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13 September, 2018

The under water world of the Ayia Napa area

Cyprus possesses quite a few places one can dive and experience the spectacular deep of the island. Visitors and locals alike are quite keen to dive and view the many under water attractions, which feature ship wrecks and stunning natural beauty.

Two of the most famous diving spots around the island are located in the Ayia Napa area.


1. The Caves, Ayia Napa

This is not one of the typical diving sites one can find around the island; it’s a complex system of caves, with a seabed filled with amphorae, due to the many ancient shipwrecks that happened in the area. More at My Cyprus Insider

2. Green Bay, Protaras

Another of the most famous diving sites. Easy to navigate and handle, Green Bay is bustling with marine life! At the deepest part of the site, a visitor can discover underwater statues, which leave them wide-eyed! More at My Cyprus Insider

The Cape Greco Environmental Information & Education C...

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06 September, 2018

The Cape Greco Environmental Information & Education Centre

The Cape Greco National Park is one of the most fascinating landscapes on the stunning east coast of Cyprus.

The park’s natural beauty combines spectacular sea caves and a rocky headland laced with sandy coves, making it one of the most sought after places one can explore on the island.

Whilst most people know about Cape Greco, its natural beauty and the experience it offers, there is a building that has been puzzling visitors all along. The Cape Greco Environmental Center was constructed with a minimalistic exterior design, without using land excavation or concrete, blending harmonically into its surroundings. Thus, its creators were awarded with the 2016 Cyprus State Architecture Award.

No matter its exterior, what not a lot of people know, is that by visiting the interior, one can have the opportunity to be educated about the land and marine ecosystems of the Cape Greco peninsula. This is a great place for the whole family to visit and enjoy an educative experience which will involve learning about the local environment through the modern exhibition spaces of the Center and 3 marine aquariums.

Learn more by visiting My Cyprus Insider.

Construction Progress Update July 2018

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31 July, 2018

Construction Progress Update July 2018

Ayia Napa Marina’s construction has been proceeding extremely fast during July 2018, despite the intense heat.

Significant work has been completed regarding the buildings of the development. Specifically, all 135 piles supporting the East Tower have been placed, setting the foundations for the superstructure that will follow. Works have been progressing on the Maintenance, Chandlery and Administration buildings as well.

With the dredging complete and reclamation very close to completion,  works on the island have commenced and are proceeding quickly. The island’s blockwall is at 44%, making it visible and shaping it day by day.

Precast concrete elements are at about 73% average production completion, speeding the construction of the South Breakwater, as well as the installation of the blockwall around the project. Fabrication of the precast concrete elements is expected to be completed soon.

Take a look at the table, video and pictures to grasp the size of the project and the works being done!



Nissi Beach in world’s best beaches

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25 July, 2018

Nissi Beach in world’s best beaches

With the Cypriot summer heat at its peak, everybody on the island is looking for the best beach to cool down and relax.

The Ayia Napa area is renowned for the many beaches with golden sand and crystal clear waters. The beach that stands out from the lot, is Nissi beach.

According to Reporter and Globehunters, Nissi Beach is the 3rd most popular and photographed beach on Instagram, with 124,910 photos.

CNN Travel has created a special feature with the World’s most beautiful beaches for each month of the year, where Nissi Beach is listed as the best beach for July 2018.