Porto European Championship 2019…a personal review!

By Pavlos Kontides

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11 June, 2019

Porto European Championship 2019…a personal review!

Porto was a venue of which sailors expected strong winds and big seas. Also, due to Douro river, strong currents where also expected.

The championship started with light-medium winds.

Almost every time sailors prepare and expect a certain range of wind conditions, the unexpected occurs. Murphy’s law; that’s the reason you need to be ready for all kind of conditions.

During the first 3 days of competition 6 qualification races are scheduled. 162 sailors cannot be on the same starting line. So, we are divided into 3 groups and after the qualification phase is over we are grouped into gold, silver and bronze fleet and continue the final series. Points are accumulated. Therefore, it is necessary to have low point qualifiers since it’s easier to do so, compared with the final series, to increase your chances for a medal.

Unfortunately, my championship started on a slow mode and I accumulated way too many points over the first 2 days ranking me 40th overall after the 2nd day. Bad start; some strategical mistakes caused this.

I had no choice but to fight back strong.

Day 3 was key, even though the wind was pretty light, which can usually cause the accumulation of high scorings, I managed to finish 1st and 2nd. Back in the game.

The real war begun on Day 4, final series. All top sailors in one group, 6 more races scheduled. The forecast was also looking better with stronger winds.

Finished day 4 on a very good mode 1st and 3rd , which got me back in the game.

Day 5 was very crucial, as the 2nd discard was coming into play. Wrong choice of side on the first race of the day resulted in a 27th. Race 2 was dramatic, I stuck at the pin end, started way last and needed to complete 1 turn penalty (Watch the video). I fortunately managed to finish 4th. I pushed so hard, I gave it all.

The penultimate day, the last one. In the fight for medals. Somehow, I didn’t have the same pace as the day before and I was wondering why (check out the photos).

I scored an 18th and a 3rd . 1 point from the podium.

It was disappointing, but this is sport and this is life.

Last year I was European champion for 1 point. That’s how it goes…..

2019 Senior Europeans – Day 3 – Reigning World and European champion Pavlos Kontides is back on the game 💪.#senior2019porto #senioreuropeans #lasereuropeans2019 #day3 #pavloskontides #porto #laserclass #sailingmedia #cyprussailing #lasersailing #lasersailor #worldchampion #olympicsailor #olympicsailing

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Construction Progress Update June 2019

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11 June, 2019

Construction Progress Update June 2019

May has been a month of significant work for Ayia Napa Marina.

The first phase of the project, which includes the infrastructure and marine works nears its end. Specifically, the geotechnical works (reclamation and dredging) have been completed around the project and the marina basin.

The work on the south breakwater – about a kilometre long – are proceeding with a fast pace. The work will be completed by the installation of the remaining pre-cast concrete units. Additionally, the progress of the geotechnical works has enabled the construction teams to proceed with creating the road network around the project.

The construction of the essential buildings, such as the governmental and harbour master buildings, which are also included in the first phase of the project, has progressed significantly, making the them clearly visible on the project’s area. Progress has also been made on the boat yard and the boat maintenance building, which will play a key role in the operation of the marina.

The progress of phase two, which concerns the residential and commercial units is now easily identified, with the commercial area (which will include food & beverage and retail shops) being constructed up to the first floor. The blockwall around the project has been extended onto the platforms that will support the Event Centre and Yacht Club, defining the final shape of the marina’s centre.

Regarding the two towers, the foundation has been laid for the East Tower, initiating construction. This followed a preliminary testing of the ground under the tower and the strength of the piles that were installed. The construction team repeated the same rigorous testing on the ground under the West Tower, of which the foundation work is going to start soon.

Construction Progress Update May 2019

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08 May, 2019

Construction Progress Update May 2019

We are excited to provide yet another construction progress update.

Significant work has been done during April, with several elements clearly visible now. First and foremost, the commercial area got its final shape and can be clearly identified amidst the construction frenzy!

The construction of the essential buildings (such as the government and harbour master buildings) is proceeding with a fast pace, populating the landscape. Most pre-cast concrete units have already been installed, and further infrastructure works, such as roads are now able to proceed.

Most marine works have been completed or are close to completion. The blockwall has been extended to the Event Center’s position, setting the foundation for the iconic building.

Test piling has also been completed for the West Tower, enabling the construction to begin.

Take a look at the pictures and video below to grasp the amount of progress of the last few weeks.

Ayia Napa’s Mayor, Mr. Yiannis Karousos, visits Ayia Napa M...

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25 April, 2019

Ayia Napa’s Mayor, Mr. Yiannis Karousos, visits Ayia Napa Marina

The mayor of Ayia Napa, Mr. Yiannis Karousos visited Ayia Napa Marina accompanied by members of the municipal council and the municipality’s technical team, to be updated regarding the construction and further progress of the project.

They were greeted in the sales offices by our CEO, Mr. Stavros Caramondanis, who informed them about the progress of work phases 1 and 2, as well as the high standards followed in the construction of Ayia Napa Marina.

Mr. Caramondanis presented the project to the mayor and his team, pointing out that this is a unique project of European calibre, due to the innovative technology that is used for constructing the marina and the rest of the project’s elements.

In turn, Mr. Karousos emphasized that Ayia Napa Marina is one of the most ambitious projects on the island, being a reference point for the whole Eastern Mediterranean, not limited to Cyprus’ borders. Ayia Napa’s mayor expressed his compliments, stating that Ayia Napa Marina has already surpassed any initial expectations regarding the high specifications and standards set.

Closing the presentation, Mr. Caramondanis thanked the mayor and the municipality for their contribution towards the progress of the project, stating that Ayia Napa Marina is the best example of cooperation between the public and private sectors.