What is the Ayia Napa Marina’s great competitive advantage?...

By Pavlos Kontides, Official Ayia Napa Marina Brand Ambassador

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17 December, 2018

What is the Ayia Napa Marina’s great competitive advantage?

So, what is the Ayia Napa Marina’s great competitive advantage?

Listening to this question, everybody starts thinking of the great apartment towers, the astonishing villas on the water, the luxurious facilities, the berths and the great sea and beaches of the Makronisos area.

Even though all the above make this project unique, its real differentiation from its competitors is the Dry Stack.

For those who do not know what a Dry Stack is, they can imagine it as a shelf for boats. A negative fork lift can stack the boats up to 4 levels and store boats up to 10 meters. The Ayia Napa Marina’s dry stack can store up to 220 boats.

Why is this so unique?

Cyprus is an island with more than 340 days of sunshine per year and superb weather conditions. Unfortunately, marine culture is not yet developed to its full potential. With the dry stack everybody benefits.

Foreigners who either visit the island for holidays or/and business can easily have their boats stored on the Dry stack. This will maintain their boat from damage by seaweed and the impact salty water can have on the hull in the long run and it’s much cheaper compared to having a berth. Last but not least, every time the boat is needed, somebody is putting placing it in and out of the water, saving you hassle and sweat.

On the other hand, for Cypriots, especially the ones who love the sea, can finally afford to have a boat. They do not need storage place at home or elsewhere, they do not need a car to transport the boat and this just makes their life so much easier.


Therefore, the dry stack saves a boater money from:






And of course, one can have the comfort and relaxation to enjoy their boat in Ayia Napa’s beautiful seas.


Let’s catch a breeze,


Cyprus ranks 28th of the Most Prosperous Nations

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29 November, 2018

Cyprus ranks 28th of the Most Prosperous Nations

According to Gold News, Cyprus has ranked on the 28th place on Legatum Institute’s Prosperity Index.


This was a huge survey that ranks most of the world’s countries by their “prosperity”. The term is defined by a range of variables including the strength of their economies and their natural environment. Legatum took into accounts more than 100 variables, including traditional indicators like Gross Domestic Product per capita and employment rates. Factors such as the number of secure internet servers of a country and the happiness index of each country were examined.


The variables are then split into nine sub indexes: economic quality, business environment, governance, personal freedom, social capital, safety and security, education, health, and natural environment.


Norway has held the top spot for the past nine years, dethroned only once by New Zealand in 2016.


Check out the ranking below:



37. Israel
36. Lithuania
35. South Korea
34. Italy
33. Poland
32. Slovakia
31. Costa Rica
30. Uruguay
29. Mauritius
28. Cyprus
27. Czech Republic
26. Estonia
25. Spain
24. Portugal
23. Japan
22. Hong Kong
21. Singapore
20. France
19. Malta
18. Slovenia
17. United States of America
16. Belgium
15. Austria
14. Germany
13. Australia
12. Luxembourg
11. Iceland
10. Ireland
9. Netherlands
8. Canada
7. United Kingdom
6. Sweden
5. Denmark
4. Switzerland
3. Finland
2. New Zealand
1. Norway

Construction Progress Update October 2018

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30 October, 2018

Construction Progress Update October 2018

September and October have been fast paced months. Construction has progressed steadily, with many building foundation works being complete. Infrastructure and marine works are also proceeding according to initial planning.

Dredging is complete, and reclamation is nearing completion, including the island, which has shaped up in its final form. Pre-cast concrete works are also nearing completion, allowing the South Breakwater’s construction to move even faster. The South Breakwater is at 77%.

Roadworks have also begun, amounting to approximately 45% of total progress.

Regarding the buildings, piling has finished for essential buildings, the East Tower and most of the Pyare area’s buildings, laying the foundation upon which construction will soon start. The Parking Garage’s construction has also started, and is at 10% completion in a very short time.


Vote for Pavlos for the World Sailor of the Year

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29 October, 2018

Vote for Pavlos for the World Sailor of the Year

Voting for the Rolex World Sailor of the Year 2018 is being carried out since Monday (15/10) and Cypriot Olympic medal winner Pavlos Kontides is one of the five candidates for the award

Cypriots as well the interational sailing community and friends can show their support towards Pavlos Kontides, who has been nominated for sailing’s most honourable award, the Rolex World Sailor of the Year.

The public has been invited to vote from October 15th up until October 29Th here.

The Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards is the most prestigious award of recognition in the dynamic sport of sailing. Since the awards’ inception in 1994, the trophy has proudly accumulated the names of those who have demonstrated unparalleled endurance, performance and accomplishment in sailing.

The winners will be announced on October 30th at the World Sailing Awards Ceremony in Sarasota, Florida, USA. The Awards night is the social highlight of the World Sailing Annual Conference.

The 28 year old sailor is a candidate for this particular award for the first time in his career. He is also the first Cypriot ever to be a candidate as the best athlete in his sport. «I would like to ask for the support of the Cypriots and all the people who appreciate sports and sailing as well. It is a great honour for me, and also a dream that came true, to be included amongst the candidates for the Rolex World Sailor of the Year 2018, and it will be the greatest honour for me to win this particular award» Kontides stated.

The last twelve months were amazing for the Limassol Nautical Club sailor, as he has won the World Championship at Split in 2017 and the World Championship at Denmark in 2018, for the second consecutive year. In between this, he won the European Championship and climbed on the first place in the Laser category for the first time in his career.

The other candidates
Aside from Kontides, the rest of the candidates are, Charles Caudrelier from France, of Volvo Ocean Race, the 49er twin Sime and Mihovil Fantela from Croatia, the Dutch Dorian van Rijsselberghe from RS:X και Nacra’s Ruggero Tuta from Italy.

The public’s vote counts 30% on the final decision and 70% are the votes of the National Associations.

The Rolex World Sailor of the Year awards were found in 1994 and since then, World Sailing and Rolex award the best man and woman sailor, or crew, from the Olympic and open sea categories.

The last time in which a sailor from the Laser category has won the Rolex World Sailor of the Year, was in 2010, when the legendary Australian Tom Slingsby was voted as the best sailor of the year.

More information at www.facebook.com/PavlosKontidesOfficial and voting at http://www.sailing.org/news/2018vote.php#.W8R5o2gzbIW.