The marina hosts approximately 600 yachts in wet and dry storage. Wet slips can accommodate yachts up to 65 meters in length, while a dry stack storage facility is available for boats up to 10m in length. For the dry stack facility, a premium valet service is provided with complete provisioning and pre-launching of boats offering a hassle-free experience.

The unique aspect of the marina is the finger style berthing for yachts of 30 meters or less while floating docks guarantee comfortable access in all conditions. The marina basin has depths of up to 6.5 meters to accommodate the deep drafts of sailing boats and super yachts. The specially engineered wave absorbing breakwater minimizes harbour chop and storm wave agitation, assuring safe and comfortable berthing at all times.

Ayia Napa Marina is committed to taking measures that will protect the environment and in doing so has installed the necessary systems to prevent any contaminants that could have an adverse impact on the environment from entering the sea.


Owners with boats having a LOA over 10 meters will have a dedicated berthing space on one of the marina’s state-of-the-art piers, which feature fully automated services. Top priority of the marina’s personnel is that every boat owner has a seamless and hassle-free experience, by immediately responding to requests by guests.

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• Continuous Supply of electricity & fresh water

• Fuel Supply

• Wi-Fi / Fiber for all super-yachts (LOA>24 m)

• 24 hours Berthing Assistance

• Fire Safety

• 24/7 Security

• Laundry Services

• Comfort Stations

Special Discounts apply for annual berthing contracts.
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Boat Yard

Maintenance & Services

The boat yard offers an extensive range of high- level professional marine services such as hauling, launching, and boat maintenance operations.

The marina’s technologically advanced systems and facilities can lift yachts of LOA up to 36 meters and 150 tonnes. The boat yard features state-of-the-art technology, such as a remote-controlled travel hoist, cleaning, dyeing and repairing systems, which constitute it unique in the eastern Mediterranean region.

Hauling and launching are done in two ways; using a negative forklift for boats stored in the dry stack facility and travel hoist up to 150 tonnes with a dedicated lift well for the larger yachts.

Daily and seasonal storage for 180 boats up to 10m is provided in dry stack storage facilities. The dry stack is modifiable in configuration to allow up to 4 levels of storage.

Owner with boats of LOA up to 10 meters can forget the hassle of towing, hoisting, lifting and storing in an area that will possibly cause damages to the boat. Ayia Napa Marina can provide annual storage, lifting, launching and maintenance of a boat by utilising the dry stack.

Dry stack storage is only available through a valet system and includes advance scheduling and preparation of each boat with fuel and provisions as per the instructions of the owner, to minimise any hassle and inconvenience.

A negative forklift is available for the launching and lifting of the boats in the dry stack.

Dry Stack

Storage & Services

The Annual Price for Dry Stack storage boats up to 10 m and 8 tons is Eur 3,500 plus VAT. Hauling and Launching is FREE of charge up to 12 times a year. For other services, engine cleaning, maintenance please ask a question or contact Dry Stack Administration.

Ayia Napa Marina has the facilities to haul and launch boats of up to 150 tonnes.


Yacht owners can find a wide selection of marine supplies, equipment and accessories at the Chandlery.

Crew Lounge

Crew members have their own special lounge which offers food, refreshments and free internet access.